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A brand new website for a SaaS scale-up that improves sales processes

About the project

In this project, I worked closely with an experienced UX/UI designer. I was responsible for developing the new Webflow website from scratch. We focused on creating a smooth and clean website that aligns with the top SaaS companies in the industry. We invested a lot of effort into extensive, high-quality resource pages featuring blogs and case studies, with an easy to use and understand CMS environment. I created multiple custom code elements to beautifully highlight quotes, and also integrated smooth and subtle animations throughout the website to enhance user engagement.

Combining the great designs with my Webflow skills, the result is a modern website that not only engages visitors but also boosts trust and credibility, thereby increasing conversion rates. The team and I were very satisfied with the final result and will continue to collaborate to optimize the website.

About the client

emlen. is a german SaaS company. Their amazing software gives you the opportunity to create one collaborative space that replaces hundreds of emails, threads, links and PDFs. You can invite multiple stakeholders into your sales process, see their level of engagement, and make a move when they are ready to buy. It has already been a huge game-changer for many businesses!

Client challenges


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Case Study; Process

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

The final result


"I’ve got to give a shout-out to Rob, the Webflow developer I’ve been lucky enough to work with. Honestly, he’s the best at what he does 🔥 Fast, super creative, and has an eye for the little things that really make a website stand out. Rob knows Webflow inside and out, meaning he can whip up something new and cool on the website in no time.

He also has a knack for keeping projects moving smoothly and is always on top of things. Working with him has been a breeze, and I’m definitely looking forward to more projects together. If you need someone for Webflow, Rob’s your guy, hands down. I can’t recommend him enough!"

Romana Hoekstra
Marketing Lead at emlen.
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