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A leadgeneration website for a Dutch construction company.

About the project

In developing Dutch Construction Company's website, I collaborated closely with an expert from Dutch Real Estate Company, the parent organization. The objective was clear: to create a lead generation website that mirrored the style and identity of Dutch Real Estate Company. To kickstart the project, we delved into crafting a compelling brand story using the Brandscript framework. This not only gave the clients much clarity and served as the guide for crafting website copy that resonates with the audience but also later proved to be a great help in driving sales for Dutch Real Estate Company.

The website was designed to become a lead generation machine. For the project, we also provided advanced SEO support for optimal findability. I incorporated simple yet elegant animations to enhance the user experience, ensuring that navigation through the site was smooth and engaging. To provide the client with autonomy over their content, I implemented various CMS components, particularly for the reviews and cases pages, as well as the blog section. This choice facilitates easy updates, keeping the website dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of Dutch Construction Company. The result is a website that not only captures leads effectively but also embodies the core values of Dutch Construction Company, offering a seamless online experience.

About the client

Dutch Construction Company specializes in creating exceptional homes through top-tier construction work and transparent collaboration. Their projects reflect a dedication to quality and a commitment to turning clients' visions into reality.

Client challenges

No dedicated website for the construction side of the company.

Limited in-house knowledge regarding SEO.

Limited in-house knowledge regarding web design.


Dedicated Website Development: To address the lack of a dedicated website for their construction services, we embarked on creating a customized website that highlighted their expertise in the industry. This allowed Dutch Construction Company to effectively showcase their projects, services, and client testimonials.

Comprehensive SEO Implementation: Overcoming the challenge of limited in-house SEO knowledge, we conducted a comprehensive SEO strategy, including content analysis, authority research, and extensive keyword research. We optimized on-page and off-page elements, created high-quality, search engine-friendly content, and implemented local SEO practices. This effort aimed to improve the website's visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic and increasing discoverability within the target market.

External Web Design Expertise: Recognizing the limited in-house web design knowledge, we brought in our web design expertise to develop a visually appealing and user-friendly website. This collaboration ensured that the website not only looked professional but also provided an excellent user experience.

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Case Study; Process

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

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