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Web design and development for a marketing automation company.

About the project

In this project, I lead the design & development of YUTU Grow's website, focusing on a modern and intuitive UX/UI design, complete with custom illustrations and dynamic animations. Collaborating closely with Toine Boelens, we engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions to inject innovative and engaging ideas into the website. A significant addition was the implementation of CMS environments for blogs and reviews, enhancing the site's adaptability and providing valuable insights through customer feedback. This comprehensive revamp not only elevates YUTU Grow's online presence but also effectively showcases their expertise in driving business growth with advanced lead generation and marketing automation strategies.

About the client

YUTU Grow, led by Toine Boelens, excels in marketing automation and lead generation, primarily through LinkedIn, to drive business growth for SMBs. The platform offers innovative strategies for automating marketing efforts and sourcing candidates, streamlining the process of expanding visibility and engagement. With a focus on optimizing LinkedIn profiles and leveraging Social Selling, YUTU Grow is dedicated to helping businesses efficiently attract leads and reduce acquisition costs, fostering sustainable growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

Client challenges

No Online Presence Leading to Competitive Disadvantage

Lack of Clarity on Strategy

Limited In-House Knowledge on Web Design and Development


Website Creation for YUTU Grow: YUTU Grow's lack of online presence, which was hindering its competitive edge, I developed a new, modern website. This website not only established their digital footprint but also positioned them effectively in the market, showcasing their expertise in lead generation and marketing automation.

Brainstorming and Peer Feedback with YUTU Grow: YUTU Grow faced a challenge in defining a clear strategy for business and marketing efforts. To address this, I engaged in intensive brainstorming sessions with Toine Boelens. These collaborative discussions helped in formulating a coherent, strategic direction for the business and website. Additionally, we sought and incorporated feedback from industry peers, ensuring that the strategy we developed was well-received.

Collaborative Approach with YUTU Grow: To overcome YUTU Grow's limited in-house web design knowledge, I adopted a collaborative approach. Working closely with their team, I provided comprehensive guidance and training to enable them to manage and update the website independently. This collaboration included educating them about content management systems, best practices in web design, and strategies to keep the site dynamic and engaging.

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Case Study; Process

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

1. Moodboarding

2. Wireframes

3. Design

4. Development

5. Delivery

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